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Look no further than Panasonic for a range of intelligent air-conditioning solutions to suit any home, office or business environment. From energy-saving features, to super-quiet models, or air conditioners that actively promote cleaner, healthier air, Panasonic have worked out all the smartest ways to heat and cool your world.


Panasonic's ECONAVI concept applies high precision Sensors and Control Program technologies to optimise air conditioner operation according to room conditions. How does it save energy? By utilising these technologies to detect where energy is normally wasted and self-adjusts cooling/heating power. ECONAVI helps you to save energy efficiently with uninterrupted cooling/heating, comfort and convenience.

Panasonic Econavi

e-ions are released to catch dust particles and deactivate bacteria and viruses. The positively-charged filter attracts dust particles to thoroughly clean the room.

Air is monitored both during air conditioner operation and when it's switched off. When dirt is detected, the air purifying function is started to immediately clean the air in the room.

Advanced Plus - e-ion Air purifying system with patrol sensor

Now featuring an outstanding operating temperature range, cooling operation is possible when it is a scorching 46 °C** outside— which is perfect for Australia's long, hot summers. The heating operation is designed to operate even when it's a freezing -15 °C** outside, so the coldest parts of Australia are also covered.

The outdoor units of Panasonic air conditioners are also protected from the damaging effects of salty air, wind and dust, thanks to the Blue Fin Condenser. This is a special antirust coating that actually triples the life of the condenser.

** -15 °C to 46 °C applies to CS/CU-RE18LKR, CS/CU-RE24LKR, CS/CU-RE28LKR only. CS/CU-RE9JKR and CS/CU-RE12JKR feature -5 °C to 43 °C operating range.

Panasonic Temperature Range

All Panasonic Australia Air Conditioning units are sold with a full 5-year Parts & Labour Warranty.

Panasonic Warranty

Panasonic Ducted Reverse Cycle
Panasonic Wall Split

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Updated: October 2018